Thursday, July 23, 2015

When "Friending" Facebook People Might Be Misconduct..........

Top state court to hear case of lawyers accused of asking paralegal to 'friend' litigant on Facebook

This is in a case where defense counsel had a paralegal "friend" to person's Facebook page .......

The New Jersey Supreme Court has agreed to consider whether legal discipline officials have jurisdiction in an ethics case accusing two lawyers of directing their paralegal to friend a litigant on Facebook.
The lawyers, John Robertelli and Gabriel Adamo, claim the Office of Attorney Ethics had no jurisdiction to charge the lawyers with ethical violations after a district ethics committee found there was no unethical conduct, the New Jersey Law Journal (sub. req.) reports.
The lawyers, who worked for Rivkin Radler in Hackensack, are accused of directing a law firm paralegal to search online for information about a plaintiff who was struck by a police car. Robertelli and Adamo represented the defendants, the borough of Oakland and its police department. The lawyers were interested in learning about the extent of the plaintiff’s injuries.
The lawyers acknowledged asking the paralegal to monitor the plaintiff’s Facebook page but denied asking her to friend the plaintiff. They said they thought the friend request was an automatic process.
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Just another new case where Facebook asserts right to block subpoenas but the Court says Facebook has NO standing to block??  

Issues such as these continue and will keep arising as far as Facebook goes.........we do not participate in Facebook and believe for most part, it is very dangerous unless you are seeking people who brag about things and others are hunting down information about them.  In which case, be careful in "friending" people. We hate Facebook regardless. For us, Facebook is the World's Largest Jerry Springer Show-- on Steroids. Judges and some attorneys should not be on Facebook but they do use it, and as we have seen, some even became disbarred from alleged errant use of such social media.
Just because Linked in and Facebook EXIST does not mean one has to be ON it or USE it.